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Afghanistan Fuel Facility Expansion

To ensure that DGCI clients received consistent, high quality products and services, we added new fuel storage facilities and expanded our capabilities to become a DLA Energy-approved A-lab facility. In our A-lab, which adheres to quality specifications and regulatory standards (including ASTM, ISO, and IP), DGCI professionals troubleshoot, resolve trace contamination issues, and generate detailed fuel analysis reports for the Defense Logistics Agency – Energy. As part of this expansion effort, DGCI also added more transport routes and additional staff.

To understand the importance of this expansion, one must remember that, prior to 2013, fuel earmarked for Afghanistan was often tested in Dubai or Athens. With the expansion of DGCI facilities, that vital testing could now be done in Afghanistan itself – significantly minimizing costs and delays and greatly enhancing customer service.

Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center (BDSC)

In 2016, the DLA Energy began a contractor transition DGC International (Post, Camps & Stations contract) and Asada Logistics (Into-Plane contract). To ensure the success of that transition and the DLA Energy mission in Iraq, DGCI expended considerable resources on dedicated transport assets; In-Transit Visibility software; leased space on Iraqi Military bases; and forward-deploying collapsible fuel bladders. Additionally, we have mobilized a team of US Expats, including logisticians, fuel experts, and quality assurance SME.

In October 2017, Asada Logistics (the DLA ENERGY Prime contractor for Into-Plane support at Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center) contacted DGCI for support after their previous subcontractor was unable to meet contractual obligations. Due to a number of contractual and operations challenges, no company other than DGCI was willing to make the investments necessary to ensure a smooth transition from the incumbent contractor. Our team of 8 professional fuels managers and operators collectively have considerably more than 100 years of collective experience in aircraft refueling operations. By the end of November 2017, DGCI refueled 497 aircraft with 206,000 gallons of JP8 and Into-Plane operations had been stabilized.

Aviation Depot Management

In support of our clients, we have successfully performed the following aviation depot management tasks:
  • Establish depot operations.
  • Provide all personnel with the skills, proper certifications, personnel protection equipment, and common hand tools to perform modifications, maintenance, inspections, and repair.
  • Ensure that all necessary work tasks, inspections, tests, and defect correction activities are satisfactorily performed.
  • Provide, supervise, and control all maintenance support personnel in accordance with all applicable requirements.
  • Respond rapidly to personnel surge requirements or compressed schedules.
  • Provide timely status reports.
  • Implement an ISO/JIG compliant Quality Management System to reduce risks during stand-up activities and/or transitions.
  • Obtain and maintain security clearances.
  • Establish and execute personnel security operations.
  • Safety execute a hazardous material management program.
  • As appropriate, obtain badges and access documentation for Government facilities used by personnel in support of depot operations.
  • Track, monitor, manage, control, and audit depot cost, schedule and performance down to the task level.

Non-Standard Rotary Wing Aircraft

Non-standard rotary wing aircraft play a major role in military operations around the world. However, how to obtain Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) services for these aircraft (including the Mi series) has been a perplexing problem for US Government agencies, and Foreign Military sales clients.

Fortunately, DGCI and its consortium partners have an exceptional capacity in this regard. Specifically, Team DGCI is able to offer:
  • PMI Certified program and project managers.
  • World-class Mi-series MRO capabilities.
  • Supply-chain logistics management capability throughout the Middle East and other OCONUS locations.
  • Demonstrated capability to provide business operations and life support in remote, austere and dangerous environments.
  • Rotary-wing and fixed wing flight operations, mission planning, and aircrew training.
  • Organic airlift capability to meet surge requirements and deliver personnel, material and cargo as required to Afghanistan and other OCONUS locations as required.
  • Certified and licensed Mi-series maintenance, repair, and overhaul capabilities.
  • Supply chain management of Mi-series rotary-wing aircraft in Afghanistan and OCONUS locations.
  • Experience conducting MRO operations in Afghanistan for Mi-series aircraft.
  • Understanding of:
    • US Government policies to include as they relate to US Government sanctions of Russian governmental entities, companies and individuals.
    • Afghanistan culture and operational conditions.
    • Operating within Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC), US Department of the Treasury and US Department of State, International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITARS) rules and regulations while dealing with Russian companies and organization.
  • Boots on the ground in Afghanistan.

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