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Military Expeditionary Refueling Support

On a 24/7/365 basis, our refueling teams offer mission-critical support services at commercial, military, and other facility airfields.

Since 2018, DGC International has refueled over 50,000 aircraft with an average refueling time of less than 20 minutes. Our air logisticians support government and commercial air carriers, utilizing an integrated platform, with point-of-sale technology and AirCARD support averaging less than a minute.

We are consistently called upon to deliver emergency power generation, fuel support solutions, and “green” solutions that meet evolving requirements in austere environments. Our worldwide network permits our teams to quickly be support contingency operations. By operating fuel storage facilities in some of the world’s most challenging locations and global partners all over the world; including in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and Central Asia. We rapidly and consistently supply forward operating sites and flight line operations.

An integral part of the DGC International fuel supply chain is our aviation fuel services. Our expeditionary refueling support adheres to the stringent needs of the military to permit key capabilities such as aerial refueling. The Air Force re-arms and refuels aircraft in flight when runways on their forward main operating bases are not in operation. KC-135 airliners, the main flying tankers, specially fitted as flying gas stations, are used in service of long-distance flights. To provide the military with the flexibility to carry out aerial refueling, DGC International’s refueling teams offer mission-critical support services at commercial and other facility airfields on a 24/7/365 basis.

AirCards allow pilots to pay quickly and conveniently so they can continue their critical missions. We have fuel expertise when and where it’s needed, including strategic-fuel management plans. Our competitive pricing allows clients to maximize their resources. DGC International teams are trained on both Joint Inspection Group standards and American Society for Testing and Materials standards. Our team is improving efficiency and safety on-site, leading to faster aircraft refueling.


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