Case Studies

Global Fuel and Logistics

Fuel expertise where you need it, when you need it, along with strategic-level fuel management plans.

We continue to build a strategic network of point to point storage and transportation, which ensures a rapid response time and fuel delivery. DGC International has a long history of assisting in missions for the U.S. and its global partners, as DGC International is one of the few fuel providers with strong relationships in the various regions across the globe, particularly in the Middle East.

With a firm grasp of the operational needs and workings of the petroleum, oil, and lubricants supply chain, we understand the myriad of governing policies. Our solutions integrate successfully with regions around the world, we have the tact and diplomacy to conduct face-to-face negotiations with senior military members of partner nations.

Our ground support includes providing non-tactical vehicles in a mission-critical environment to ensure mission requirements were met within a six-month time frame. DGC International added new fuel storage facilities, more transport routes and increased staff levels in anticipation of demand and signed an agreement with fuel testing labs that provide A-level testing to ensure fuel quality.

DGC International studied and then constructed tactical fuel distribution plans, with operators serving in the Middle East, Central Asia, the Horn of Africa, and the Americas. Our services span base support operation services, direct fuel delivery, related transportation services and strategic expertise. We provide the fuels required for an array missions globally, including diesel, Jet A1, as well as premium and unleaded gasoline.

Our fuel operations span the globe with direct delivery service, refinery augmentation, lab testing, and the utilization of local logistics networks; we cooperate with one of the largest refiners and suppliers of fuel in the world. We are rapidly expanding our upstream and downstream capabilities in various parts of the world. DGC International is expanding a strategic network of point to point storage and transportation, which ensures a rapid response time.


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