Case Studies

First and Final Mile Logistics

Our logistics and supply chain experts navigate goods from the first to the final mile.

DGC International’s comprehensive logistics solutions complement transportation solutions, ensuring that shipments can get to and from remote locations. First Mile solutions require logistics experts that can locate reliable, local sources for goods and bring them securely into the supply chain. Last mile takes all atmospheric information into account to ensure secure delivery.

We have a long history of successfully working with our global network of suppliers to get mission-critical products and services to austere locations. Our First Mile solutions ensure that the goods brought into our supply chain are reliable and can be delivered on time in any environment. The same can be said for our Final Mile services. Final Mile describes delivering goods from a central supply hub to the specific location they are needed. This can be difficult in certain parts of the world that lack the traditional infrastructure traditionally used to deliver goods. DGC International can ensure that goods are not only delivered to a central hub but deliver them the final mile to where they are specifically needed.

First and Final Mile services include sourcing and acquisition; packaging; transportation; tracking; continuous visibility of assets; inventory control; distribution; and final delivery. In addition to fuel tankers, DGC International has developed a dedicated fleet consisting of 20 foot and 40-foot flatbed trailers, low-boy trailers, refrigerated trucks, potable water tankers, waste-water tankers, and non-tactical vehicles. These assets ensure that we can quickly meet contingency operation requirements as they emerge.

To support the warfighter in the Middle East, DGC International implemented robust systems to ensure the reliability and quality of fuel-related products and services provided. After negotiating the purchase of trucking assets with a local vendor, DGC International’s Deputy Project Manager in Logistics, a transport specialist, and his staff personally inspected each of the more than 200 trucking assets for roadworthiness, mechanical reliability and fuel quality assurance and quality control compliance.

Before loading, every truck receives another comprehensive inspection. Special attention is paid to the transportation tank itself; this inspection is verified by a third-party company. These inspections help to prevent fuel product contamination and help ensure the product is delivered to the end user with the highest quality, minimized transit delays, and faster in-gating procedures at Forward Operating Bases. These efficiencies help ensure that our deliveries are on-time and on-spec.


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