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Inventory Management and Consolidation

Through our optimized global supply chain and warehousing solutions, DGC International maximizes inventory management and expert deliveries.

DGC International offers dry, bulk, cold, frozen, short-term, and long-term storage in a variety of locations and can quickly ramp up storage capabilities based on our clients’ fluctuating needs. We inventory and store the smallest spare parts or the largest pieces of equipment, all items are bar coded and entered into our sophisticated inventory control system for instant status updates.

Inventory management is a science in which DGC International has elevated the metrics into cutting edge, scalable inventory solutions. Focusing on the first mile and front end of the mission, the smooth, timely, and reliable movement of parts, components, and supplies are tracked from point of origin to the end user. This requires a number of activities and disciplines, including sourcing and acquisition; packaging; transportation; tracking; continuous visibility of assets; inventory control; distribution; and final delivery. Inventory checks along the way ensure security and stability of all items. When the mission calls for the segregation of cargo, we provide a caged security option and our Facility Security Officer ensures that sensitive or dangerous goods are handled properly. Our warehouses are equipped with 24/7 security measures, including real time video and audio monitoring.

Inventory management is not limited to documenting the delivery of raw materials and the movement of those materials into operational processes. Tracking materials as they are used to create finished goods also helps to identify the need to adjust ordering quantity before the raw materials inventory gets dangerously low or is inflated to an unfavorable level.

A good inventory management strategy helps save time and optimizes resources and project budgets; it also increases efficiency and productivity of personnel. A deep understanding of a client’s immediate needs, and likely future fluctuations, are focus points for DGC International in inventory management solutions.


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