DGCI Africa

Africa challenges

Using our global network and supply chain, we are able to promote peace, build infrastructure, and support U.S. missions in Africa. DGC International’s team operates with sophisticated liaison-building techniques to build operational systems to encourage communities to grow and thrive.

DGCI defines mission success with a wide range of NATO and US military specification fuels.

Meet Mahdi

Our Country Manager in Afghanistan. Identifies problems and their causesAnalyzes and implements structured solutions and control measures, Uses strong QC and QA measures to avoid the recurrence of problems, Excels in Warehousing and Inventory Management

Meet Dougie

Project Manage. Highly experienced with internal security, Outstanding trainer and manager, Equally skilled at operational and consultation skills, Has served as an Internal Security Adviser (Counter Terrorism / Public Order)Allocates and supervises drivers and transportation to successfully complete tasks. Works with suppliers to confirm materials and collection details Handles accounting and invoicing documentation Supervisesthe service and maintenance of all vehicles in the logistics department

Meet Darrell

More than 30years of professional experience in Petroleum Distribution and Logistical OperationsSpecialized expertise in supervision, training, instruction, and planningExceptional knowledge of fuel inventory, stock control, security and distribution operationsCustomer-oriented professional with strong interpersonal and problem-solving skillsSignificant experience with the management of petroleum products, hazardous waste, and hazardous materials.

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