Case Studies

Rapid Deployment

Strategic readiness, ensuring mission-critical supplies are at the ready, a key aspect of DGC International’s rapid deployment operations.

Rapid deployment success is measured in days, if not hours. DGC International is prepared to act on a moment’s notice and to engage our global supply and transportation entities to ensure a rapid response in deployment time. Our “turnkey” support is offered when and where time-critical solutions take precedence.

One of our greatest strengths is our ability to rapidly mobilize contingency support staff and launch rapid deployment assets. Our operations deploy with short notice and within time-sensitive missions to meet challenging requirements. We are able to provide this level of service to our military forces because of our extensive experience with such operations, through specialized staff with a strong military background, and through our detailed operational procedures that minimize and mitigate risk.

To support rapid deployment, mobile training units are used to train personnel quickly and safely. DGC International used this low-cost, rapid deployment plan to train and field more than 190 people. DGC International inventoried assets, trained personnel, enhanced capacity building, and provided end-to-end logistics and supply chain services for military missions in Afghanistan.

We employ experts who know the terrain and our global team not only ensures mission-critical supplies make it to the right location, but also that the client knows how to operate and use those supplies to the best capacity. Backed by an integrated network that guides rapid deployment from the first departures through the last mile, DGC International makes sure implementation on-site runs smoothly, post-delivery. For example, DGC International provides mission-critical transportation and asset management to support bulk fuels, dry cargo, and heavy cargo assets across the Middle East.

DGC International provides end-to-end support in rapid deployment environments through services including base operations, vehicle maintenance, air operations, engineering, procurement, and construction. We have the team to quickly provide solutions for mission success. Our success stories include signals research and intelligence; logistics and transportation; base operations support and training; life support and transportation services (as we did for the United Nations), and capacity building services to clients in the U.S. Government and to its global partners.

Strategic readiness is fundamental to our highly reliable, responsive rapid deployment operations. Focusing on the last mile, we make rapid and secure deliveries to facilities in the world’s most austere environments. We succeed in managing large scale supply chain projects across regional, and often global, geographies and organizational boundaries.


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