Case Studies

Non-Tactical Vehicles

To support overall safety and security for U.S. forces in the Middle East, DGC International provided non-tactical vehicles.

In 2012, DGC International procured and transported more than two hundred Toyota non-tactical vehicles throughout Afghanistan and the United Arab Emirates, using their global network of trusted partners and suppliers.

Non-tactical vehicles are used for transportation and mobilization of both personnel and equipment for military missions. The vehicles require adherence to high quality standards in cost, size, fuel efficiency, and prior use that varies depending on the specific mission; this way, safety and security are sustained from the first to final mile. In 2012, DGC International procured and transported more than two hundred Toyota non-tactical vehicles from locations throughout Afghanistan and the UAE. DGC International provided these non-tactical vehicles, which were inspected and approved for delivery, to various clients throughout Afghanistan. We have worked within Department of Defense guidelines, ensuring that each vehicle met all operational standards. We also provide government officials with the necessary paperwork and background information on the vehicles to guarantee they meet all procurement and acquisition standards.

We previously procured and transported non-tactical vehicles from our global supply network in support of the Phoenix Regional Contracting Center-Kabul. DGC International has also mobilized material handling equipment, including cranes, loaders, flatbed trucks, and lowboys in support of crucial warfighter logistics operations and Forward Operating Bases.

Our team was responsible for receiving and visually inspecting materials; redistributing assets; re-warehousing materials (optimizing storage space); performing care of stock in storage tasks; controlling physical inventory; selecting and packing stock; performing consolidation and shipping functions; making local deliveries; and performing packaging and retrograde tasks. Due to our diligence, no vehicles were rejected for defects or delivery issues. The Kabul Vehicle Services team operated from a state-of-the-art facility, equipped with the most advanced maintenance equipment. More than 50 excellent and experienced engineers, mechanics, technicians, and administrative staff from Afghanistan, the United States, and the countries of Southeast Asia staffed the Kabul Vehicle Services team. Within one month of contract award, DGC International mobilized procurement and logistics teams in Kabul, Kandahar, Islamabad, Karachi, and Dubai. DGC International also tracked Government Furnished Equipment and Contractor Furnished Equipment.

Being a powerhouse in logistics that specializes in the Middle East, DGC International supports essential transportation and material handling for logistical operations in Kabul, Kandahar, Karachi Port, and Jebal-Ali Port. DGC International mobilizes material handling equipment, including cranes, loaders, and container stackers and provides transportation assets in the form of flatbed trucks and lowboys for overland shipping. Our mobilization efforts involve heavy equipment handling and personnel well-versed in the requirements for these mobilizations. To successfully manage this challenging multi-site mobilization endeavor, DGC International relies heavily upon its ISO 9001 quality management procedures and a highly effective deployment tracker that ensures accurate end-to-end deliveries.


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