DGCI Asia-Pacific is built around forward thinking, innovation, and change making. Our South Korea team continues to inspire change throughout the region with our cutting-edge technology solutions as we continue to help the U.S. and its global partners thrive.

Our refueling stations in Thailand provide the military-grade fuels for the Naval exercises in the Indian Ocean as they rehearse live fire, sailing in formation, communications tactics, search and rescue capabilities, and damage control and personnel transfers.

Path Out of Poverty,

Great Education for Youth of the World

Educate, Integrate,

and EMPOWER the Future

Peacekeeping Operations in the Asia-Pacific

Inseparably Linked to Security and Prosperity

of our Modern World

DGC International provides end-to-end logistics solutions no matter where our clients’ missions take us. Our presence in the Asia-Pacific allows us to take on new strategic ventures to grow global reach.


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