Case Studies

End-to-End Logistics

DGC International provided end-to-end logistics support to procure and deliver winter clothing kits for U.S. missions in the Middle East.

All clothing items were then batched and re-packaged into kits according to the contract requirement specifications. DGC International provided the necessary material handling equipment and skilled labor required to use it. DGC International supervisors closely oversaw the operations to ensure quick, precise delivery to the client.

The goods were inspected at our warehouse to ensure shipments met the agreed upon specifications (including quality, number, and size). The materials were then inventoried and placed under our standard supply configuration. In addition to making it easy to re-access and re-inspect items, our transparent accounting system makes it easier to safeguard all property, a persistent and ongoing concern in warehousing operations.

DGC International’s resources optimize the supply chain, fleet and warehouse management. Our personnel procured, quality-checked, packaged, palletized, and delivered the required clothing items to the staging area and the client. Given 30 days to perform this task, DGC International delivered all required goods and services in 15 days.

In addition to the mission requirements, minimal packaging was used to create the winter clothing kits, which resulted in minimal waste after delivery. This was done in support of DGC International’s environmental responsibility initiative.


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