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Multilayered solutions are used to counter and mitigate threats to peace operations globally.

The overall, global mission of DGC International is to partner with the U.S. and its global partners to create a peaceful, stable world. Our logistics, mission support, global operations, and global defense teams work to create solutions to complex threats to peace operations. We can work in concert with counter-narcotics operations to ensure threats are addressed swiftly and precisely.

Our solutions can contribute to counter-narcotic strategies through direct and indirect approaches. We offer support for measures taken to detect, interdict, disrupt, or curtail any threat to mission success. DGC International’s readiness team includes retired U.S. Army Special Forces officers, defense industry experts, and transportation architects who can zero in on any threat and create a solution to foster peace and mitigate threat. Whether it is providing fuel or mission critical supplies, asset tracking, or atmospherics and intelligence, DGC International is the ideal partner to address stability threats.


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