Case Studies

Warehousing and Database Management

Inventory tracking and database management ensure mission-critical items are at the ready.

DGC International works with clients to manage all aspects of warehouse operations from people and technology, to equipment and security. Solutions are backed by years of supply chain and logistics experience.

Since January 2016, DGC International has ensured the Central Supply Depot in Kabul is successfully inventoried. All item information was entered into the sophisticated inventory tracking system we put in place. Warehouse management capabilities include hiring, training and managing staffing requirements to meet the diverse, and often changing, inventory management needs of civilian or government clients.

Effective warehousing ensures organizations have the supplies needed at any given time and that they always know inventory levels to plan for surges or potential shortages in advance. DGC International’s warehousing solutions ensure that all items are coded and tracked, optimizing warehousing success.

In support of the U.S. forces, we provided transportation and asset management support for bulk fuels, dry cargo, and heavy cargo assets across Afghanistan, along with all management, personnel, supervision, supplies, equipment, and organic transportation required to make deliveries. From our central point of operation, DGC International directed the consolidation and flow of equipment, cost effectively configured all computer systems, prepared equipment for the harsh operating environment, installed air filters to prevent dust contamination, trained support personnel, and shipped equipment.

We place a strong emphasis on the development and nurturance of human capital–and place a special focus on job training, personal development, safety, and workforce productivity. Our work with human capital ties into our technology capabilities. The management of information systems is a core DGC International strength and we have a program management office dedicated to procurement and logistics applications.

This group has a long track record of successful mission support solutions meeting military requirements and working with ERP systems. These technologies help meet managed distribution and supply chain requirements while also providing yard and inventory management services. DGC International provides all required equipment training and maintenance of the facility, along with the secure storage of specialized goods. Cargo can be segregated based on needs and high-value items are placed in a caged, secure area. Our warehouses are equipped with 24/7 security measures, including real-time video and audio monitoring.


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