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Vehicle Repair and Maintenance

Military vehicles require procurement, quality inspections, certified repairs and maintenance, and support in remote locations.

We ensure all vehicles procured are top quality and will provide genuine spare parts for any replacements or repairs. Should maintenance or repairs be necessary, DGC International will use certified replacement parts and install the parts using expert mechanics.

Our team maintains fleets of vehicles around the world that support U.S. forces and our allies. We provide reliable vehicles, trucks, and drivers in austere conditions that provide mission critical support in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. DGC International also procures, inspects, and transports commercial vehicles to meet the needs of U.S. forces.

Our fleets drive through austere environments and rough terrain due to the mission-critical nature of our work. This does not leave any room for vehicle breakdowns during operation. Our team offers an ISO 9001:2008 certified management system with adherence to strict quality controls. Our drivers are trained to adapt to any issues that arise on the mission and respond with contingency operations. Our maintenance teams at our multiple locations ensure that the drivers are supported from the first to final mile while delivering mission critical supplies and vehicles.

We have fulfilled requirements of the U.S. Military and Allied Forces in the procurement and delivery of commercial vehicles to Afghanistan. We ensured the quality of the vehicles locally through inspections and testing prior to delivery of the vehicles through containerized transport. DGC International’s vehicle capabilities are augmented by our partners in the region. We can provide a wide variety of non-tactical vehicles, ruggedized, or armored vehicles to meet the unique needs on the ground. Most importantly, our partners help provide the people, the training, and the facilities that maintain these assets to ensure they can be used at peak performance for as long as possible.


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