The DGC International leadership is strongly committed

Our Ethics Program

But how do we actually achieve those goals? Through a robust ethics program!

The DGC International ethics program ensures that that our company values are reflected in our business behaviors, operations, decisions, and processes. These values express what we stand for. Therefore, our ethics program goes far beyond compliance – that is, what’s demanded by laws and regulations.

DGCI’s Supply Chain Transparency

In businesses such as ours, the importance of – and complexities associated with – our international supply chains can pose significant ethical challenges.

DGCI takes many steps to ensure that each step of our supply chain conforms to all applicable legal and ethical standards. These include all actions associated with procurement, warehousing, inventory, testing, transportation, delivery, and sustainment.

However, the most important characteristic we promote is transparency. By ensuring that every supply chain process and procedure is visible and fully documented, we establish a strong sense of accountability and limit the possibilities for waste, fraud, and abuse.

Code of Ethics

This brief document covers a wide range of ethical situations that employees may encounter.


Contact Us

If you are interested in more information about the DGCI Ethics Standard, please feel to contact us through our standard phone and email channels.

DGCI Responsibility

One of the most compelling aspects of the DGCI Responsibility Program is its breadth and depth. A global perspective is a mindset, not a geography – and we have the spirit of true global citizens.

In fact, we view our responsibilities as a chain of commitments that we have made to our clients, the nation, our colleagues, and ourselves to ensure that we always act in ways that are ethical, transparent, and fiscally responsible.

This mindset makes it possible for us to have a significant impact on the lives of many people and the institutions with which they are associated.

The DGCI Framework

In keeping with our “whole person” approach to personal growth and development, we have developed a four part framework for our charitable giving. By organizing our activities in keeping with these phases, we can meaningfully address the needs of individuals across their entire life span.

Briefly those phases are:


ensuring that the basic life needs of the young aremet.


providing basic knowledge and general skills/training.


promoting specialized skills training and work opportunities.


promoting leadership to grow oneself and nurture the next generation of leaders

However, it should be noted that this framework can also be applied to DGCI employees – where its impact is equally strong. The financial security that DGCI employment provides helps to ensure that our staff are able to provide their children and other young relatives with the basics of life – including a quality elementary and secondary education. DGCI actively promotes life-long learning for its employees; this includes the mentoring, on-the-job training, and formal coursework necessary to cultivate leadership at all levels of the company.

Making a Difference

We make a true difference in the lives of our employees; our business partners and professional colleagues; and those that we serve through our charitable endeavors.

The secret of DGCI’s success in this regard is the care with which we select, plan, and execute our programs. While no one can predict with total accuracy the exact impact of an initiative, we:

  • Build carefully on the results of prior, proven activities
  • Assess each program in light of the company’s overall strategies
  • Ensure that all initiatives are completely congruent with the company’s mission, vision, and values
  • Establish realistic timelines and milestones
  • Enlist the services of an internal “champion” to steer each major activity
  • Create and carefully monitor program metrics to evaluate the success of each activity

Supporting Our Communities

As a matter of core belief, DGCI believes that its business operations must always be viewed through the lens of community support, involvement, and upliftment.

This is true in the United States, where our involvement with AUSA and the Memorial Day Flowers program help to support veterans and their families in a variety of ways – including re-training efforts and ongoing remembrances of those who sacrificed their lives in service to our country.

However, it is particularly true overseas, where DGCI contributes to the well-being of communities by locally sourcing materials whenever possible. We also offer secure, well-paid employment (including job-related training) to local individuals. This enables them to care for their families and make improvements to their community infrastructure.

Our Impact

To organize and execute certain charitable programs, DGCI turns to the services of its sister organization, the Zamani Foundation.

The Zamani Foundation ( offers education, opportunity, and hope to the disadvantaged around the world – and an opportunity for people everywhere to become engaged in charitable endeavors that speak to their personal concerns and passions.

Most of the Foundation’s activities are directed at the first charitable pillar of Engagement (food, water, shelter, and clothing).

Passion is our mission. Change is our destiny. Together, we’ll make a better world.


DGCI treasures the multiple viewpoints that diversity brings – and is certain that our ability to draw from a number of different perspectives helps us serve our clients in the best possible way.

We are also committed to diversity as a moral principle – and view it as indispensable to the creation of a more just, free, and stable world.

As a multi-national company, DGCI employs talented individuals across a number of spectrums, including age, sex, socio-economic level, race, creed, disability, religion, gender expression, and veteran status. We are richer for it – and are constantly looking for ways promote both diversity and the inclusiveness that brings it to full fruition.

Human Rights

As a signatory to the International Stability Operations Association Code of Conduct, DGCI has pledged to “respect the dignity of all human beings and adhere to all applicable international humanitarian and human rights laws.”

Additionally, as a TRACE certified company, we are held to very strict anti-corruption standards that include prohibitions against human trafficking and other gross violations of human rights.

Beyond those legal obligations, however, DGCI strives daily – through its operations, personnel policies, and social interactions – to uphold each of the powerful Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We believe, as the preamble says, that the “recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.”

Workforce Development

At DGCI, workforce development has many dimensions. It can encompass initial orientations, technical training, supervisory and managerial training, and executive coaching.

Development efforts often involve on-the-job training, but can also involve classes or other presentation media.

Finally, development efforts can encompass a wide variety of personal efforts intended to increase one’s value to the DGCI professional workforce. These efforts may be informal (such as professional reading or general online study) or formal (such as college courses in a variety of technical, business, or language disciplines.)

If you’re interested in creating your own career path, why not check out what DGCI has to offer?

Our People

DGCI has gone far beyond lip service to the premise that “people are our most important product.” Here, we ensure that our employees have the opportunity, training, managerial support, tools, and protective equipment to perform their work in safe and wholesome environments.

From safety briefings, to hard hats, to ergonomic office equipment, to sensible sick leave policies, we go the extra mile to ensure that our workforce is both protected and productive.

Have an idea to improve our policies and procedures in this area? We’d like to hear from you!

Environmental Responsibility

DGCI is committed to reducing our global environmental impacts across our business, from increasing our recycling goals to decreasing our use of natural resources and energy usage. Our environmental policies encourage efficiency, reducing costs and ensuring we remain compliant with all relevant environmental laws and regulations.

We believe that protecting the environment and strengthening the communities in which we work helps our long-term business prospects and improves our client relationships. This “commitment to good” is part of our ethical code, and is promoted at all levels of the company.


Because of the nature of much of our work,environmental management planning is a key aspect of DGCI operations. Checklists, such as the Waste Water Hazards Inspection Checklist referenced here, help us meet our commitment to protection of the environment as we run a service-driven and profitable business operation.


DGCI considers our commitments to quality and fair dealing to be among our most important responsibilities, and has formal certifications in these areas.


DGCI recognizes the corrosive impact of all forms of corruption (including bribery) on the business community.

To quote from the USAID Anti-Corruption Strategy, “No problem does more to alienate citizens from their political leaders and to

undermine political stability and economic development than endemic corruption…”

To combat this problem, DGCI has partnered with various business organizations, including TRACE. TRACE certification is granted only after a rigorous third party assessment of internationally accepted due diligence procedures. By meeting TRACE’s standards for transparent and ethical business dealings, DGCI can serve as a champion of free and fair business operations throughout the world.


Our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management certification addresses every aspect of our company operations, including customer focus, leadership, people engagement, process approach, continuous improvement, evidence-based decision-making, and relationship management.

Globally recognized and respected, ISO 9001:2015 standards are set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISO is an independent, non-governmental membership organization and the world’s largest developer of voluntary International Standards. ISO is made up of 163 member countries that are the national standards bodies around the world.


DGC International is selective about its memberships – choosing to join only those organizations where we can share our expertise, profit from the insights and activities of others, and further the goals of the groups, their members, and the profession as a whole.

In this section, we’ve provided some brief information about each of these groups.


DGCI believes that both industry and client awards are more than recognition – they are a result of superior service and innovation. These factors are a direct outgrow of our company’s values and ethical code.

Inc. 500

Presented to DGC International in recognition of their inclusion on the list of fastest growing private companies in America. Presented by Inc. Magazine. August 2017 and 2018.

Exceptional Service Certificate

Presented to DGCI in recognition of outstanding support to the Afghan National Law Enforcement Mission by senior representatives of the Operation Resolute Support – Afghanistan Combined Joint Seven (RS CJ7) January 2016.

Certificate of Appreciation

Presented to DGCI in recognition of our outstanding work to establish the Logistics Department and Afghan National Army Logistics Command. Presented by the Afghanistan Ministry of National Defense. August 2016.

Certificate of Appreciation

Presented to DGCI Site Manager Emamuldin Niazi for his leadership, dedication to duty, and professionalism while serving at the Mazar-e-Sharif International Airport. Undated.

Fast 50

Presented to DGCI by Washington Technology for its 26th place ranking of small business contractors in the Government as measured by multi-year compound growth rate. August 2013.

The DGCI Hotline

DGC International is an organization with strong values of responsibility and integrity. We are committed to an environment where open, honest communications are the expectation, not the exception. To place an anonymous report in confidence, you are encouraged to use this hotline, hosted by a third-party hotline provider. You may call the numbers below or make a web-based report at

Dial the respective Hotline number (Collect and Direct Access Hotlines have to be initiated from their respective countries)

Iraq, Somalia, and Tajikistan do not have telephony solutions available. To make a report in these locations, you will need to use the Web Intake Site.

  • United States: 844-592-2053
  • Afghanistan: 503-268-5715 (Collect)
  • Colombia: 844-592-2053, Access Code: 01-800-911-0010 or 01-800-911-0011 (Spanish Operator)
  • Djibouti: 503-268-5717 (Collect)
  • Ecuador: 844-592-2053, Access Code: 1-800-225-528 or 1-999-119 (Spanish Operator)
  • Honduras: 844-592-2053, Access Code: 800-0123 (Spanish Operator)
  • Jordan: 844-592-2053, Access Code: 1-880-0000
  • Mali: 503-268-5718 (Collect)
  • Nigeria: 844-592-2053, Access Code: 0-708-060-1816
  • Pakistan: 844-592-2053, Access Code: 00-800-01-001 (Not available from cellular phones)
  • Peru: 844-592-2053, Access Code: 0-800-50-288 or 0-800-50-000 (Spanish Operator)
  • United Arab Emirates: 844-592-2053, Access Code: 8000-021 or 8000-555-66 (du) or 8000-061 (Military-USO and Cellular)

The purpose of the hotline is to:

  • Communicate the DGC International values and standards of ethical business conduct to employees
  • Inform employees of company policies and procedures regarding ethical business conduct
  • Establish a central resource to assist employees in obtaining advice and solutions regarding compliance with the DGC International Code of Conduct
  • Establish companywide a culture of ethical behavior and shared responsibility in meeting ethical standards

Contact Us:

Toll free telephone: 1-800-995-2188

Email contact: