Case Studies

Thailand, Fueling Military Training

Fuel support to military exercises in the Asia-Pacific, delivering on spec, on time, and on budget to support military aircraft.

DGC International is providing fuel to the Department of Defense in Thailand in support of multi-national military exercises throughout southeast Asia and the Pacific region. The exercises, and DGC International’s support, started in 2019 and extends through the end of 2024.

The Navy is taking part in military exercises in the Indian Ocean to improve interoperability with international allies such as France, Japan, India, and the Philippines. The exercises started in May of 2019, with the first rehearsing live fires, sailing in formation, communications, search and rescue, damage control and personnel transfers. DGC International is supporting the Navy with refueling stations in nearby Thailand, operating multiple locations in the country for military vessels and aircraft are to refuel between exercises. We are providing a variety of fuels including Jet A1, unleaded premium, diesel, and Jet Aviation Fuel as part of the contract. DGC International will provide the fuel throughout the exercises. As supply chain and logistics experts, we provide fuel services to the Department of Defense and its partners all over the world, whether by land, air, or sea, to even the most remote locations all over the world.


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