Case Studies

Securing the Supply Chain

Operating across the globe, in a variety of different locations, our global supply chain ensures secure logistics solutions.

We understand that a top priority for our clients is a safe, secure supply chain to bring peace of mind and allow focus on pressing matters. DGC International has the capability to provide security across the supply chain, from the physical world to cyberspace, ensuring success on all fronts.

Utilizing a global network of trusted partners to create a secure supply chain has proven the route to successful logistical missions. We create safe routes by land, air, and sea, each path crafted around mission criteria and supported from the first to final mile.

The benefits of a global supply chain ensure mission-critical supplies are on time, on spec, and on budget. DGC International helped develop a supply chain system to support the Kurdish Peshmerga. Central to this chain was a reliable energy plan that ensured necessary, high-quality fuels needed for use in military grade equipment were at the ready. Our transport plans, asset allocations, and delivery methods were heavily impacted by the humanitarian crisis and influx people to the area, but DGC International operates with carefully mapped paths and contingency plans in place before we begin transport. Due to this diligent effort and precise planning, DGC International ensured that even small outposts and humanitarian camps received the energy support they needed.


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