Case Studies

Forward Deployed Fuel Point

DGC International establishes and operates forward fuel storage assets in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, and Central America.

We are currently supporting U.S. forces in several strategic points by storing, testing, supplying, and delivering fuel. Our team operates at our fuel points, where we provide truck maintenance, inspections, generators and aviation elements.

Our teams operate forward deployed fuel storage assets across Iraq. These fuel bladders provide expeditionary and remote storage capabilities to areas that are hundreds of miles away from traditional commercial fuel storage sites.

To further support mission success, DGC International built out military-grade bulk fuel farm facilities. These facilities include storage for several million gallons of JP8 fuel; additive injection capability; life support; fuel testing and quality assurance support; truck yards and maintenance bays; and operation control rooms. These facilities are co-located with Iraqi and US military sites. This helps to reduce the supply chain risks associated with border closings, road closings, and refinery constraints. We also offer a range of fueling options including those to reduce turnaround time and maintenance hours, especially during hot refueling, which is refueling a plane while engines remain on.

Our locally configured supply chain ensures a rapid response time. On a wider scale, the types of fuels DGC International provides underscore our mission to provide the necessary fuels, at a competitive price, and in complete conformance with industry specifications:


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