Case Studies

Contingency Operations

No matter what, when, or where, DGC International has the ability to rapidly mobilize contingency support.

Contingency operations are built on planning, creating effective processes, and ensuring speed of implementation. DGC International develops multiple contingency plans to support clients from the first to final mile. We utilize a vast network of trusted partners and a global supply chain, to ensure we are ready for any situation, anywhere in the world.

DGC International creates detailed contingency plans for any scenario to mitigate risk. Our global team carries out our missions using their in-theater experience to inform their practical decisions. DGC International leverages teams who have developed and implemented contingency operations while in the military.

When delivering fuel to military facilities in any environment, it is imperative that DGC International has contingency plans to ensure fuel is on time and on spec, no matter what happens. Our logisticians analyze all available routes to ensure supplies are safely delivered. Our contingency operations offer clarity in situations that arise during missions that require adaptability. Solutions are rapid, precise, and have safety at the center so our team can help clients act quickly and effectively.


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