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Command Mobile Operations and Management Systems

Our collection software is focused on rapid delivery of accurate, easily interpreted data for mission operations.

Providing capabilities that place the most relevant information in the hands of the military ensures they have the intelligence, situational awareness, and systems to execute diverse missions with a strong advantage. DGC International’s mobility capabilities and dynamic software provides solutions for fast, focused data collection software to increase accuracy of mission-critical data interpretation.

DGC International distributes an exceptional data collection software solution that combines the critical infrastructure for mobile solutions, data capture, connectivity, and device management; this ensures seamless and integrated situational awareness certainty and real-time advantage.

We understand the importance of agile technology and response, availability, flexibility and speed in support of command mobile operations and management systems. The ability to have real-time interconnectivity and on-site communication is critical for success. DGC International distributes its dynamic software solutions to collect and interpret data and support integration efforts to mobilize and create effective web solutions.

Our team ensures that every warfighter has the intelligence and situational awareness to execute on diverse missions with a strong advantage. DGC International’s software solutions support critical tasks, to provide clients with the data they need to make decisions quickly and effectively. Our rapid delivery of accurate data provides quality assurance, especially since security and safety are top priority. The speed and reliability of the data we provide is as important as the data itself.


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