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Engineering, Construction, and Operations

DGC International provides mission-specific construction, engineering, and operations support to the US government and its partners worldwide.

We are equipped to handle longer-term scalable solutions for military and humanitarian missions that are vital to our nation’s security and defense. Our solutions are centered on engineering, construction, and operations logistics, and rapid response but all DGC International solutions benefit from our logistics, mission support, global operations, and global defense teams to ensure mission success.

Our Project Management and Construction team members have extensive experience providing services to U.S government agencies. In each project we deliver unique solutions for scheduling, budget management, and engineering. DGC International also identifies regional and local partners to strengthen efficiency and secure the supply chain.

DGC International EC&O projects are scaled up through completion and can leverage architectural design, land surveying, and land development engineering as well as overall construction management, procurement, and operations. Additionally, our team has experience in design work, grading, drainage, sanitary sewage systems, BMP, water systems, highways, erosion control, waste management systems, and other related work.


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