Case Studies

Safety and Training

Safety and training create a foundation for future employment and a strong base for predictable success.

Diligent safety and training programs by DGC International create a safe and secure internal work environment, a key element for a foundation to focus on task completion and external threat mitigation.

The Kabul Fuel Depot utilized DGC International to create a process to mitigate accidents. For the 22 depot staff employees and 40 drivers, engaging in monthly safety training exercises improve a deepening culture and practice of safety. Learning safety specifics for all-weather challenges, the best ways to lift and handle loads, benefit from safety gear to protect vital body parts, and how to use fire extinguishers and other tools are all part of regular DGC International training sessions and drills. A strong safety record is attributed to the quality, frequency, and regularity of these training exercises. It is a template that works throughout the DGC International locations. There is no other way, as we believe it is imperative to maintain the strictest safety training, standards, and procedures at every military outpost, fuel depot, office space, and location where we operate. We audit our safety programs and refresh training with localized awareness and newly proven successful strategies.

For example, in Aviation Depot Management, safety within sets the tempo for DGC International’s highly regarded global logistics and supply chain operations. The team works to ensure all work tasks, inspections, tests, and defect correction activities are satisfactorily performed. We have established, and consistently upgrade, a safety program for hazardous material management programs and personnel security operations. All employees are fully skill trained and certified. All employees are provided personnel protection equipment and quality tools which are pivotal in identifying and performing forward-looking modifications, maintenance, inspections, and repairs.

We are committed to offering a safe and secure work environment, whether domestic or abroad. Recognizing safety concerns and addressing them at the start elevates DGC International operations to safe and reliable work environments. The continual education provided to employees strengthens the stringent readiness, supporting the local population by providing a secure financial base.


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