Case Studies

Rotary Wing Aviation

DGC International offers world-class MRO capabilities throughout Central Asia and the Middle East to keep military aircraft in the air.

Our world-class Mi-series maintenance, repair, and overhaul MRO capabilities are provided throughout Central Asia and the Middle East, along with other locations outside the continental United States. The Mi-series is the third most popular aircraft used in military organizations today, but requires specialized knowledge to repair and maintain compared to standard helicopters.

Defense and humanitarian organizations, including the Department of Defense, have relied on the Mi-series of helicopters for more than 50 years. These versatile aircraft are designed for missions such as passenger or cargo transport, medical evacuation, ferry services, or as military ships used in warfare.

As Mi-series experts, we offer supply-chain logistics management capabilities and have a demonstrated capability to deliver business operations and life support in remote areas. We use highly experienced, PMI-certified programs and project managers, as well as certified, licensed Mi-series maintenance repair and overhaul personnel.

DGC International can provide a full range of MRO management, technical, administrative, cultural, and policy-related services to help ensure the success of client missions worldwide. These services include rotary-wing and fixed wing flight operations, mission planning, and aircrew training, along with organic airlift capability to meet surge requirements and deliver personnel and cargo.


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