Case Studies

Risk Mitigation Strategies

Mission success relies on the plans made to mitigate risk.

When planning for successful operations, contingency planning and risk mitigation play a large role in mission success. Logistic operations, on a global scale, must be crafted by taking every detail and every possible situation into account. DGC International creates the safest routes, focusing in on situational awareness and utilizing a global network of trusted partners.

DGC International recently responded to a request from NATO’s Resolute Support mission, which sought risk mitigation strategies. DGC International created an approach to reduce risk to personnel in the supply chain in Afghanistan. Specifically, we proposed the creation of a state of the art, bulk fuel storage, and a supply facility just minutes from downtown Kabul.

Supply chain and logistics solutions are at the heart of DGC International’s operations, which not only deliver the services but also the insight and training that are used to improve already existing systems.

The deployed DGC International management team obtained projected fuel-usage reports and used them to explore the most efficient and effective logistics mechanisms. The proposal also acknowledged the reality of unforeseen demands, and suggested maintaining fuel stocks of at least 60 percent above projected requirements. This would account for fuel requirements being fulfilled without delay, even in emergency situations.

We offer clients a broad range of tested strategies to reduce risk in the supply chain, especially when it comes to fuel. Our Fuel Card Program provides flexible payment options to meet the needs of all fueling operations 24/7/365. We can provide fuel storage to ensure our clients always have the fuel they need in reserve, including a wide range of NATO and US military specification fuels like F18, JP-4, and JP-8/F34.

We lead contingency operations for missions that require a great deal of adaptability and locational intelligence. Our linguists and atmospheric professionals advise on social matters that affect mission success. Risk mitigation strategies through DGC International include emergency power generation, fuel-support solutions, and “green” solutions to meet evolving requirements in austere environments all over the world.


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