Case Studies

Logistics and Fuel Support, Latin America

Fuel services throughout Latin America support military missions and personnel.

By providing the Department of Defense with fuel services, DGC International helps the U.S. and its global partners complete military missions in Latin America. Fuel supply operations, vehicle maintenance, and transportation services are part of the overall solution, but DGC International also provides fleet management, warehousing of spare parts, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, and fuel testing for quality assurance and control; DGC International also deployed and maintained experienced management personnel to ensure success.

In Honduras, we supported an expeditionary task force operating in Central America to promote stability and security and counter transnational and transregional threat networks. These efforts were also in place to promote stability and security. DGC International supported the Soto Cano base, which houses more than 500 American troops along with the Honduran Air Force Academy. DGC International provided fuel supplies and logistics support operations in remote areas of the country.

Our support to mission-critical activities in Latin America include fleet management, spare parts warehousing, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, and fuel testing for the U.S. forces. DGC International has supported the US Embassy and the Defense Department’s Naval Medical Research by procuring, storing, and delivering fuel.

Our trained and certified personnel quickly, and cost-effectively, provide a wide range of NATO and US military specification fuels through local sources. Deep bench strength and alternative supply chains ensure prompt delivery of mission-critical supplies. As part of DGC International’s expansive reach through Latin America, we provide fuel services to military missions in Peru and Honduras using our supply chain logistics and oversight fuel services network. Our mission is to integrate our advanced supply chain expertise into any climate with our innovative tracking, inventory services, and management systems. These systems allow DGC International to focus all efforts on delivering a superior product to our clients. Due to the resourcefulness of these systems and our staff, we have delivered products, fuel, and support services with a 99.9 percent accuracy rate, on or ahead of schedule, in austere environments worldwide.


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