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Security Solutions

Our focus on delivering security solutions keeps our military safe in all environments, which is our top priority.

DGC International provides security tailored to the mission at hand, whether it is physical construction of new concrete perimeter walls, new perimeter lighting, the surfacing of existing dirt patrol roads, the construction of new patrol roads, or providing mission support; our teams are there for end to end support. We take into account the location of the mission, the timeframe, the equipment and transportation options, and force protection training to ensure all remain safe.

The safety of our clients and our team is always our top priority. DGC International proactively institutes preventative measures to mitigate any threat to the U.S. forces or global partners. Security and safety are a vital part of every solution provided by DGC International, no matter the scope of work. Providing products and services are not enough in mission-critical environments. All logistics and global operations solutions require contingency planning, mission support, and support for safety and security from the first to the final mile.

Property repair and maintenance, environmental work, and construction services contribute to the security and safety during missions. Our Mission Support team ensures all atmospherics and intelligence are provided to our employees, so they know and understand local customs. Mission support trains on possible dangers and educates the teams on how to be safe.

We coordinate and provide security services directly as well as training to Defense Department personnel, who are not member of the armed forces, working in austere locations. DGC International developed network security solutions for several embassies in the Washington DC area. Our work included system architecture for secure systems and application interoperability, as well as technical standards and common infrastructure.


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