Case Studies

Non-Tactical Vehicles for U.S. Forces, Saudi Arabia

Non-Tactical Vehicles are an essential tool for U.S. missions in Saudi Arabia.

DGC International provided the US Army with non-tactical vehicles to use in Saudi Arabia. These vehicles are used for routine travel between Prince Sultan Air Base and Riyadh, the United States Embassy, and other military facilities and locations throughout Saudi Arabia.

The Department of Defense reestablished its presence in Saudi Arabia in June of 2019, meaning forces and mission-specific supplies had to be moved to Prince Sultan Air Base. Since these vehicles are for official missions with the U.S. government and require specialized knowledge for maintenance, repair, dispatching, and operation, DGC International is a valued provider. We will always take projects from the first to the final mile. Supporting services include fleet management, repairs, maintenance, and quality control. DGC International equips clients with all tool necessary to succeed, no matter which location their missions take them. To help transport military and non-military personnel from the base to other areas in the country, the U.S. Army works with DGC International to provide non-tactical vehicles. All of the vehicles had to meet military and government standards for use, including limitations on mileage and engine size.


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