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NPMA Awards, Leading in Fuel Quality

The National Petroleum Management Association has recognized and awarded DGC International’s quality.

DGC International is a proud member of the National Petroleum Management Association, an educational and professional non-profit dedicated to ensuring excellence in the petroleum management field.

With safety being the center of all DGC International operations, the National Petroleum Management Association’s mission is in concert with our own. DGC International puts quality at the forefront in all its petroleum products, processes, and team members and has been recognized and awarded by the NPMA. DGC International was proud to take part in the association’s annual awards program. In 2018, DGC International’s Eric Bridges, Jamie Flett, and Adrian Isaacs were awarded Maintenance Manager of the Year, Facilities Manager of the Year, and Quality/Safety Manager of the Year, respectively.

As members of the NPMA safety and fuel handling operations and maintenance standards are adhered to, based on the standards the association promotes. The NPMA aims to create an environment for people to network and ethically discuss industry practices and exchange their ideas and views on needs and concerns affecting the fuel servicing industry. We are committed to exceeding the organization’s standards for safety and efficiency, along with being a leader in the larger petroleum community. The NPMA collects, interprets, and disseminates information relating to safe, efficient, and cost-effective petroleum operations, maintenance, and support. The NPMA encourages dialogue between industry and government to achieve industry objectives.


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