Case Studies

Multi Connex Facilities

Delivering critical resources and structures needed for efficiency and consistency in Multi Connex facilities is our specialty.

To succeed in the Multi Connex environment means knowing the geography, local zoning information, and alternatives to visualize what is needed for the on-ground operation to succeed and thrive. DGC International has a team that can come up with logistical solutions and effective supply chains for any mission and is recognized on the NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency shortlist.

Building a successful Multi Connex environment means knowing the best transportation to support the operations, whether by land, air, or sea. The decision is partly based on geography and efficiency but is also based on the desire to cost-optimize the supply chain and personnel labor levels. DGC International’s approach revolves around an ethos of accountability, transparency, and visibility. Reflecting the recognition of our consistent high-performance record, we were added to the NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency shortlist for contractors. NAMSA is NATO’s principal logistics support management agency, charged to assist NATO by organizing common procurement and supply of spare parts and arranging maintenance and repair services; these services are necessary for the support of various weapon systems in their inventories.

In just one month, DGC International built out an inventory management and operations hub that can feed and train up to 100 personnel supporting a supply chain, inventory and management contract. The site includes management offices, training center, inventory management office, and a kitchen. It is concrete example part of our holistic, scalable, rapid response operations and services that can support contingency military operations and humanitarian relief missions anywhere in the world. Those that support leadership work include delivering emergency power generation, fuel support solutions and “green” solutions that meet evolving requirements in challenging environments. Our worldwide network permits our global team to quickly respond and support contingency operations.

Multi Connex efficiency and consistency result from offering and delivering the critical resources needed to accomplish a mission. This includes procuring, delivering, and maintaining the heavy equipment, generators, and vehicles needed for all phases of operations, including surges. It includes port handle prowess, bundling elements such as individualized container tracking and geo-located ship status, port-to-port supply chain logistics, managing requirements from vessel owners, ship agents, clearing agents, and stevedores (well trained, experienced dockworkers can help load and discharge a wide range of cargo).


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