Case Studies

A-Lab, Fuel Quality Testing

Our fuel supply services ensure our clients have the quality fuel they need to complete their global missions.

DGC International provides solutions that ensure the highest quality fuel is available in the most austere, remote locations. U.S. military forces and its global partners require a vast range of fuel types for a variety of aircraft, vehicles, and vessels. DGC International’s local fuel facilities are essential for mission success.

DGC International expanded one of its aircraft fuel facilities in Afghanistan. To facilitate our in-country operations we established an A-level fuel-testing lab in Kabul, which allows for a full range of fuel-quality testing, guaranteeing the highest fuel-quality for our clients. This lab, along with the expansions to the existing fuel supply infrastructure, have increased levels of storage to provide the utmost reliability in delivery and service.

Our A-Lab meets numerous national and international regulations for fuel testing and allows for fuel to be tested in Afghanistan. With the A-Lab in place, fuel tests can be conducted much closer to delivery locations with the highest degree of reliability possible. For us, having reliable equipment, backup equipment, and established processes are paramount as poor equipment and fuel testing procedures and can result mission failure.

We have a dedicated team of fuel quality professionals who have experience in projects across the globe. This team helps establish the on-site processes while a dedicated team of project management professionals ensure that operations are always flowing smoothly. Providing vital fuel stores, implementing logistical supply chain improvements are all part of our global mission to create security and operational support to the U.S. military and their allies all over the world. We increased personnel in order to fulfill higher requirement volume, along with making expansions to bulk storage facilities to store higher volumes of fuel onsite. We also implemented stock control management technology to best track the upload and download of fuel, this helped reconfigure the entire operation to provide confidence and security in the fuel delivery system.


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