Case Studies

Peacekeeping Operations

Peacekeeping operations make post-conflict communities stronger, allow for clear communication, solid support systems, and enhanced economic pathways.

The mosaic for peace, stability, and progress is reliant on a concerted effort to encourage infrastructure development and economic stability. DGC International undertakes a wide range of diverse projects to lay the groundwork for peace and prosperity.

We thrive on our team members, all from diverse cultural backgrounds, who are dedicated to solving problems and finding solutions to create a better and more functional world. One key to DGC International’s success is through using experiences garnered through a long history of innovative ideas as a force multiplier to tackle old challenges rearing with 21st century feints. Keeping and strengthening the peace after any conflict is a challenge without a consistent guide for success, adding to the urgency of using DGC International’s worldwide experience to move post-conflict communities to a peaceful, stronger status.

The fulcrum for success in the area often hinges on peacekeeping operations and humanitarian assistance. They include full spectrum support for democratic pillars, such as fair and free elections, counter-terrorism operations, and support to development and innovation. Working with our counterparts and coalition partners, DGC International helped develop a supply chain system to support the Peshmerga in establishing peace in the Middle East.

Our capabilities for peacekeeping efforts include setting up operational bases; conducting military-style training; and providing a range of technical assistance and equipment for militaries and peace support operations. DGC International meets a wide range of needs and has well-established, strong relationships in a broad global network, including a presence in the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia, South America, Central America, North America, and East Africa. With global partners in more than 25 countries around the world, DGC International can create a peaceful solution on multiple continents.

By providing helicopter services, we helped the United Nations facilitate free and fair elections in Afghanistan. Due to the total life support solution DGC International provided, including vehicles, security, maintenance, MWR, dining and billeting, the UN was able to successfully complete their mission during the 2014 election period and beyond.

Our counter-terrorism training prepares our clients for the most challenging environments and focuses on direct engagement and the development of exceptional operational skills. The better prepared our clients are, the greater impact they can make on global peacekeeping efforts and global security. DGC International equips clients with linguists, atmospherics and intelligence, and contingency planning. Our teams know what to do and where to go, this paired with knowing the right words and the right way to say those words is equally essential. DGC International linguists offer a number of critical languages including Malay, Vietnamese, Dari, Pashto, Urdu, Farsi and Arabic. DGC International can provide foreign language services and innovative management service solutions to ensure peacekeeping efforts are met with success and clear communication.


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