Outreach Reports

Clear Path
for Veterans

Service Dogs
Training Program

DGC International provides financial support to Clear Path for Veterans and the unique services they provide. One of these services gets puppies into training to become veteran service dogs.

The Clear Path for Veterans' service dog program teaches veterans the value of modern, canine training techniques that will enhance the unconditional bond between them and their canine companion. This training is funded in part by DGC International, to honor those who have served our country.

Clear Path for Veterans is a non-profit, community-based resource center that partners with local businesses and organizations to connect service members and their families to the resources they need. Clear Path for Veterans also provides in-house, non-clinical programs; the over-arching goal is to ensure that our veterans are holistically supported.

The Canine Program is designed to help veterans establish a foundation of communication with their currently owned dog or a matched dog from a partnering shelter or Puppy Development Program. Once this communication is established, veterans will begin to connect with their dogs on a mutually beneficial level, developing the ability to train new behaviors and synchronize in a unique partnership. The training cycle is 18-months-long and each puppy is carefully selected for health, temperament, and trainability prior to being selected for this special partnership.


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McLean, VA 22102