Outreach Reports

Peace of Mind for
Special Forces Families

Special Forces Charitable Trust
Holistic Support

DGC International works with the Special Forces through our work around the world but also supports them through the Special Forces Charitable Trust organization.

No Special Forces family should go without financial, educational, or emotional support. DCG International financially supports the Special Forces Charitable Trust to help Special Forces families in any emergency situation. There are four sections of the SPCT: Family and Community Support, Education and Motivation, Resiliency Retreats, and Veterans and Heritage. The SFCT also offers Special Forces Spousal Grants, events to raise visibility and revenue, father-son trips, daddy-daughter dances, and other skills trainings to help families of the Special Forces.

DGC International works with Special Forces units around the world, supporting U.S. missions, it’s a logical extension that we would continue our close relationship with them on the home front. One way we do that is by working with the Special Forces Charitable Trust to promote the well-being, healthy living, and strong family bonds of U.S. Special Forces and their families. The goal is to improve the quality of their lives while enhancing mission readiness.

DGC International’s Board of Advisors includes Major General (Ret) Edward Reeder Jr., who was the Commanding General of the U.S. Army Special Forces Command. DGC International regularly participates in events such as the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference, the premier venue for the SOF community to interact with those in the industry and to collaborate on the challenges, initiative, and the way ahead in delivering the most cutting-edge capabilities to SOF operators. These events foster our multitude of existing SOF relationships and allow us to partner with leaders in emerging technology as we set conditions for continued support to the SOF globally.


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