DGC International Signs Service Level Agreement with Fuel Refinery in Nigeria

McLean, VA — May 24, 2013 – DGC International is proud to announce a new service level agreement (SLA) with a Nigerian oil refiner.

With the agreement in place, DGC International can now provide fuel delivery services in Niger, Nigeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, Morocco and Uganda. The agreement covers most fuel types, including diesel, Jet A1 as well as premium and unleaded gasoline.

Additionally, DGC International currently offers base operating support services in Burkina Faso and SRI services in East Africa.

“We are pleased to have concluded this SLA as it provides DGC International an uninterrupted supply of fuel for our prime client, the Defense Logistics Agency,” noted Ian Galloway, Business Consultant.

DGC International currently provides fuel transportation services in Africa, South America and Central Asia.

About DGC International

DGC International is a premier provider of Global Defense Solutions to the U.S Government and its partners worldwide. Through Logistics, Global Operations, and Mission Support services, DGCI offers innovative solutions to persistent challenges. The company is headquartered in McLean, VA. Please visit www.dgci.com for more information.