Case Studies

Cultural Familiarity and Awareness

Our knowledge of global communities promotes successful partnerships and cultural awareness on military missions.

DGC International professionals bridge the gap between language and meaning by providing cultural context and accurate interpretations of written and oral materials. We provide interpretation, translation, and cultural awareness services, while producing the blueprints and personnel to shift into contingency and mission operations support.

We understand that frequent and effective communications are vital to successful business relationships. Our management team deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan, and immediately began organizing and implementing a tailored communication plan for our clients and for those who were to benefit from the project operations. DGC International provides linguists for a number of critical languages including Malay, Vietnamese, Dari, Pashto, Urdu, Farsi, and Arabic. By providing foreign language services and innovative management services to U.S. forces and their allies, there is no risk for gaps in critical information.

Our Special Operations Curriculum deepens tailored knowledge for special operations forces. To become stronger, DGC International joined the Defense Industry Initiative, a nonpartisan and non-profit organization of 77 signatory companies comprising the top U.S. defense and security companies. Every year, DII helps train hundreds of ethics officers on the latest issues in ethics and compliance. These ethics officers in turn help train hundreds of thousands of other defense-industry employees. DGC International also joined the Overseas Security Advisory Council in Afghanistan. The OSAC was created in 1985 under the Federal Advisory Committee Act to promote security cooperation between U.S. private sector interests worldwide and the U.S. Department of State.

In a world where split second decision making often rests on clear insight and understanding, DGC International has taken the necessary steps to gain all necessary information to accomplish strategic cooperation, innovation in the dialects found around the world, and the tools worldwide to equip our missions for success. DGC International proudly employs a team with diverse cultural backgrounds, dedicated to solving problems and finding solutions to create a better and more functional world.


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