ISO 9001:2015 Quality System

For more than five years, DGCI has used the ISO 9001 standard to demonstrate our ability to regularly and uniformly supply products and services that meet the requirements of our clients and the regulations governing our industry. Specifically, we use this international standard to organize and improve the efficiency of our processes, and to continually improve our services and products.

In that sense, DGCI views ISO 9001 not only as a Quality Management tool, but as a Business Management tool that helps us increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve performance. We have found its plan-do-check-act methodology to be very effective in upgrading our Quality documentation, optimizing our resource management efforts, and measuring and analyzing our Quality-related activities such as audits and corrective actions.

DGCI was an early adopter of the 2015 version of ISO 9001; the system has been modified to update terminology, increase leadership requirements, restructure some information, and place an emphasis on risk-based thinking as it relates to the process approach.

In keeping with the philosophy of ISO 9001, DGC International does not view our certification as an end product, but the beginning of a journey of continuous self-improvement, refinement, and innovation that will benefit both our clients and the company.


About DGC International

DGC International is a premier provider of Global Defense Solutions to the U.S Government and its partners worldwide. Through Logistics, Global Operations, and Mission Support services, DGCI offers innovative solutions to persistent challenges. The company is headquartered in McLean, VA. Please visit for more information.