Advisory Support

In support of C5ISR operations, DGCI provided the U.S. Forces in Afghanistan with Atmospheric Advisors. In additional to their other professional duties, Atmospherics Managers trained Local Advisors on the basics of data collection techniques, records retention, management of sources, and security procedures.

The DGCI Atmospherics Advisors:

  • Advised about the development and management of relationships with influential local leaders.
  • Analyzed and disseminated atmospheric information.
  • Tracked and measured trends in local sentiment.
  • Provided professional advice about cultural, social, religious, political, economic, security and tribal matters and communication strategies.

To staff this 20 person job, we relied heavily on the recruiting and hiring processes outlined in DGCI’s 9001 Quality Management System. The candidates were then carefully screened and vetted; whenever possible, we hired veterans for this task.

To execute this work, DGCI received an interim Top Secret Facility Clearance, and conformed fully to all applicable Defense Security Service and National Institute of Standards and Technology policies.


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