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Worldwide Safety and Training Capabilities

DGC International management ensures that local staff members receive daily safety briefings, and regular training on each standard operating procedure. Additionally, employees receive monthly refresher training to correct deficiencies, and ensure that standards are maintained. The long-term goal of DGC International is to prepare local staff members to manage operations to the standards required by […]

Kabul Fuel Depot Safety Training

At DGC International’s Kabul Fuel Depot, all staff receives safety awareness training each month.  These training sessions are one hour long, and cover the following vital topics: Hearing protection Eye protection Hand protection Body Protection Heat related injuries (heat stroke) Near miss incidents Lifting and handling of loads Severe weather Slips, trips and falls Cold […]

Transportation Assets in Iraq

To support CENTCOM’s mission to defeat the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), DGC International has implemented a robust system to ensure the reliability and quality of fuel-related products and services provided to the warfighter. In addition to fuel tankers, DGC International has developed a dedicated fleet consisting of 20-foot and 40-foot flatbed trailers, […]

Non-Tactical Vehicle Procurement

In 2012-2013, DGC International procured and transported over two hundred plus Toyota non-tactical vehicles from locations throughout Afghanistan and the UAE. Under the auspices of the U.S. Air Force, DGC International provided these non-tactical vehicles, which were inspected and approved for delivery to various clients throughout Afghanistan.

Shahbaz Pakistan Security Upgrades

DGC International began work on a major security construction contract in Jacobabad, Pakistan. This contract, administered by the United States Army Corps of Engineers – Middle East District, will include the construction of new concrete perimeter walls, new perimeter lighting, the surfacing of existing dirt patrol roads, and the construction of new patrol roads.

Petroleum Oil Lubricant Purchases

In support of the International Security Assistance Force Afghanistan, DGC International procured and distributed the fuels, oils, and lubricants needed to maintain warfighting equipment. We expanded our supply chain base as necessary to meet the unique needs of equipment used in Afghanistan. To ensure accountability for critical products and equipment, DGC International installed a Mobility […]