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Worldwide Safety and Training Capabilities

DGC International management ensures that local staff members receive daily safety briefings, and regular training on each standard operating procedure. Additionally, employees receive monthly refresher training to correct deficiencies, and ensure that standards are maintained. The long-term goal of DGC International is to prepare local staff members to manage operations to the standards required by […]

Transportation Assets in Iraq

To support CENTCOM’s mission to defeat the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), DGC International has implemented a robust system to ensure the reliability and quality of fuel-related products and services provided to the warfighter. In addition to fuel tankers, DGC International has developed a dedicated fleet consisting of 20-foot and 40-foot flatbed trailers, […]

Peru Fuels

In support of the US Embassy and the DOD’s Naval Medical Research Unit in Lima, Peru, DGC International procured, stored, and delivered fuel under a Defense Logistics Agency – Energy contract. From 2013 to 2015, DGC International provided supply chain management, transportation, vehicle maintenance, and fuel supply operations.

Non-Standard Rotary Wing Aircraft

DGC International is able to offer: PMI Certified program and project managers. World-class Mi-series MRO capabilities. Supply-chain logistics management capability throughout the Middle East and other OCONUS locations. Demonstrated capability to provide business operations and life support in remote, austere and dangerous environments. Rotary-wing and fixed wing flight operations, mission planning, and aircrew training. Organic […]

Mission-Critical Transportation

  DGC International provided mission-critical transportation and asset management support for bulk fuels, dry cargo, and heavy cargo assets across Afghanistan on the multi-year contract National Afghanistan Trucking 2. DGC International provided all management, personnel, supervision, supplies, equipment, and organic transportation required to make FOB deliveries.

Linguist Support

  Under this five-year contract, DGC International provided foreign language services and an innovative management services solution to the U.S. Army and other U.S. government agencies whose personnel need to operate in environments that are often hostile. DGC International provided linguists for a number of critical languages including Malay, Vietnamese, Dari, Pashto, Urdu, Farsi and […]