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Transportation Assets in Iraq

To support CENTCOM’s mission to defeat the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), DGC International has implemented a robust system to ensure the reliability and quality of fuel-related products and services provided to the warfighter. In addition to fuel tankers, DGC International has developed a dedicated fleet consisting of 20-foot and 40-foot flatbed trailers, […]

Superior Supply Chain Management

Our optimized global supply chain offers clients many significant benefits, including: A much lower risk of an interruption in parts flow. On demand, real time SCM status visibility. The ability to “shape” stock levels to site-specific demands/ requirements. The ability to obtain and transport OEM certified parts whenever and wherever they are needed. Significantly reduced […]

Peru Fuels

In support of the US Embassy and the DOD’s Naval Medical Research Unit in Lima, Peru, DGC International procured, stored, and delivered fuel under a Defense Logistics Agency – Energy contract. From 2013 to 2015, DGC International provided supply chain management, transportation, vehicle maintenance, and fuel supply operations.

Mission-Critical Transportation

  DGC International provided mission-critical transportation and asset management support for bulk fuels, dry cargo, and heavy cargo assets across Afghanistan on the multi-year contract National Afghanistan Trucking 2. DGC International provided all management, personnel, supervision, supplies, equipment, and organic transportation required to make FOB deliveries.

Jordan Fuels

  In support of Azraq Airbase and the US Army in the CENTCOM Area of Responsibility, DGC International’s 15-person team provides supply chain management, fuel testing, maintenance, warehousing, and fuel supply operation services. Within a week of the original contract award, DGC International mobilized a logistics team to manage the program from the upstream supply […]

Iraq and Syria Fuels

DGC International proudly support warfighters in Northern Iraq under a multi-year contract with DLA Energy.  Our highly experienced personnel provide a variety of services, including maintenance, spare parts warehousing, fuel testing, fleet management, and quality assurance/quality control activities. Most critically, DGC International draws heavily on our well-developed supply chains and network of customs agents across […]