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Linguistic Support

Under this five year contract, DGC International provided foreign language services and an innovative management services solution to the U.S. Army and other U.S. government agencies whose personnel need to operate in environments that are often hostile. DGC International provided linguists for a number of critical languages including Dari, Pashto, Urdu, Farsi and Arabic with […]

Language Services

DGC International offered translation, interpretation, and transcription services to support U.S. Army missions across the globe. Our role on this C5ISR contract was to ensure that U.S. Army personnel were capable of quickly communicating with allies, ensuring security, quick reaction capability, and maintaining the highest state of readiness. DGC International offered a proven quick reaction […]

COMMAND Mobile Operations and Management System

As part of our dynamic C5ISR solutions set, DGC International distributes an exceptional data collection software solution developed by Tracen Technologies, Inc. COMMANDmobile ® combines three critical factors of mobile solutions – data capture, connectivity, and device management – to provide support for critical tasks such as mobile surveys, field surveillance, inventory management, workforce management, […]

Central Supply Depot Services

This flagship contract, currently being executed in Kabul, Afghanistan is an outstanding example of the breadth and diversity of the training, operations, capacity building, and logistics expertise of DGC International. DGC International, an ISO 9001:2015 and TRACE Certified company, currently provides all services to properly and efficiently inventory and organize approximately 4,400 large (40-foot) containers […]

Afghanistan Advisory Services

In support of C5ISR operations, DGC International provided the U.S. Forces in Afghanistan with Atmospheric Advisors. In additional to their other professional duties, Atmospherics Managers trained Local Advisors on the basics of data collection techniques, records retention, management of sources, and security procedures. The DGC International Atmospherics Advisors: Advised about the development and management of […]