Superior Supply Chain Management

The smooth, timely, and reliable movement of parts, components, and supplies from point of origin to the end user requires a number of activities and disciplines – including sourcing and acquisition; packaging; transportation; tracking; continuous visibility of assets; inventory control; distribution; and final delivery.

Our optimized global supply chain offers clients many significant benefits, including:

  • A much lower risk of an interruption in parts flow.
  • On demand, real time SCM status visibility.
  • The ability to “shape” stock levels to site-specific demands/ requirements.
  • The ability to obtain and transport OEM certified parts whenever and wherever they are needed.
  • Significantly reduced response times for order placement, tracking and arrival.
  • Continuous visibility and accountability of all orders and parts movement.
  • Embedded ISO-driven cost, quality, schedule, and performance metrics.

In support of flight operations, we:

  • Verify the certification of OEM parts.
  • Account for, track, and deliver parts.

Ensure that parts are installed at an OEM authorized repair facility.


About DGC International

DGC International is a premier provider of Global Defense Solutions to the U.S Government and its partners worldwide. Through Logistics, Global Operations, and Mission Support services, DGCI offers innovative solutions to persistent challenges. The company is headquartered in McLean, VA. Please visit for more information.