Management Consulting

Remote Workforce

The COVID pandemic has had a lasting effect on the labor force.  Remote work is here to stay in various forms.  Businesses and agencies that do not adjust may face great risk in attracting top talent.

DGCI incorporates best practices across multiple industries to develop and revise its proprietary data input collection, tailored analysis, and creation of templates and training decks to address your challenges managing a remote workforce (incl. HR, Finance, Business Development, Process Improvement, Quality, and creating a cohesive, focused workforce).  We offer complete packages, or Subject Matter Experts at competitive hourly rates, using our templates, to deliver a uniquely tailored service. 

Remote Workforce

We offer hybrid remote facilities in select markets where it becomes difficult to attract and maintain top talent given more choices in how they value time and distance between work and home.

In addition, we can offer training, compliance, administrative, and security and security management services (including up to Top Secret). 


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