Corporate awareness regarding the threat of violence to employees, managers and officers at home and abroad is increasing commensurate with accelerating international terrorist and terrorist related events. DGCI specializes in domestic and international security programs and training. DGCI also provides highly skilled professionals trained to enhance client survivability. DGCI training programs, seminars and consulting services hone individual and corporate awareness’ regarding terrorism and criminal threats.

Physical Security

DGCI provides physical security services including Threat, Vulnerability, and Security Assessments, for facilities or individuals both in the USA or overseas.

These specialized programs are provided to clients concerned about individual security in a threat environment or to facilities as complex as the security for de-commissioning nuclear power facilities

Security Training

Innocent individuals are frequently kidnapped and/or murdered by radical elements who use violence as a primary means of attaining their social, political or economic goals.

DGCI has a proven training program designed to counter the client’s threats. DGCI provides this full range of security related training at our facility in Michigan and are prepared to send training teams to the client location.

Workplace Training

When social or economic tensions rise, many businesses are forced to reassess the potential for violence within the workplace.  With decades of experience, we’ve developed a proprietary 4-step Threat Management Assessment, followed by expert analysis and reporting tailored to your situation. We also offer the training, security, services, and hardware you might need to mitigate your risk.

Targeted Violence

Strikes, riots, and labor disputes are among many conditions demanding businesses and agencies quickly adapt to counter increased risk.  In most cases, this must be done while maintaining current operations and securing critical supply chains.  We can help you advance-plan, or help you respond to emerging risk.  In addition, we offer decades of experience in this unique field to inform the training, security, services, and hardware you might need.

Homeland Security – EMP Protection

DGCI’s experience providing emergency service communications for the Department of Homeland Security demonstrated an urgency for businesses and agencies to recognize the threat of Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) events (from EMP weapons or natural EMP occurrences). 

Numerous adversarial countries maintain advanced capabilities to launch warheads into low earth orbit, ideal for initiating an EMP attack. Congress commissioned multiple studies spanning multiple Administrations to review the threat, sadly little has been done.  DGCI is pioneering services in EMP preparation and response.


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