Winter Clothing

In late November 2017, DGCI was awarded a time-sensitive, high-priority contract to provide 2500 kits of winter clothing [in support of DLA Troop Support operations in Turkey, Iraq, and Syria. To execute this contract, DGCI personnel procured, quality-checked, packaged, palletized, and delivered the required clothing items to the staging area in Erbil. Given 30 days to perform this task, we delivered all required goods and services in 15 days – getting these much-needed supplies into the hand of our clients as quickly as possible.

Due to numerous issues with more conventional supply chains and contracting vehicles, DGCI chose to source from outstanding providers in Turkey. These sources offered the best of both worlds – reasonably priced, locally produced goods that could meet or exceed exacting U.S. standards for quality, uniformity, and durability.

Immediately after their delivery to the DGCI warehouse, the goods were checked again to ensure that the shipments met the agreed upon specifications (including quality, number, and size.) The materials were then inventoried and placed under our standard supply configuration. In addition to making it easy to re-access and re-inspect items, our transparent accounting system makes it easier to safeguard all property – a persistent and ongoing concern in warehousing operations.

All clothing items were then batched and repackaged into kits according to the contract requirement specifications. DGCI supervisors closely oversaw this effort. However, to verify that the contents of the kits were exactly as promised, Government personnel performed hands-on inspections, did periodic spot checks, and made several visits to observe the overall process. DGCI provided the necessary material handling equipment and skilled labor required to use it; all packaging and palletizing work was done by Erbil laborers, hired on the local economy.

Each winter clothing kit weighed approximately 16 pounds, and had a finished dimension of 48″ high, 24” wide, and 18” deep. Each kit contained winter blankets; winter socks; winter gloves; winter hats; hooded winter jackets; sweatshirts and sweatpants/trousers.

The kits were bundled into pallets, and then loaded onto trucks for delivery to the staging area in Erbil. As part of our corporate Green initiative, we used the minimum packaging necessary; this resulted in minimal waste after kit delivery. A total of 50 trucks were used; each truck made two or three trips to the same location.


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