Vital Components of Warehousing

DGCI carefully tailors staffing requirements to meet clients’ diverse –and often rapidly evolving –warehousing and inventory management needs. The labor mix is impacted by many factors, including:

  • The presence or absence of unions.
  • Ebbs and flows of contractual requirements, including stand up, surge periods, and ramp downs.
  • The physical location of the warehouse.
  • Specific needs or wishes of our clients, based on their mission requirements.

DGCI places a strong emphasis on the development and nurturance of human capital–and places a special focus on job training, personal development, safety, and workforce productivity.

The management of information systems is a core DGCI strength. Within the organization, we have a program management office that is dedicated to procurement and logistics applications. This group is in frequent contact with our clients and has established a long track record of successful war fighter support. As part of our ERP services, we have:

  • Established interfaces with military requirements and ERP systems
  • Managed distribution and supply chain requirements
  • Provided yard and inventory management services

Material Handling Equipment
DGCI provides all required equipment, training, maintenance and more. Our MHE services include:

  • Fleet evaluation and maintenance
  • MHE operation and training
  • Lifecycle asset management

Secure Storage
When the contract calls for the segregation of cargo, DGCI provides a caged security are. Our Facility Security Officer ensures that sensitive or dangerous goods are handled properly. Our warehouses are equipped with 24/7 security measures, including real time video/audio monitoring.


About DGC International

DGC International is a premier provider of Global Defense Solutions to the U.S Government and its partners worldwide. Through Logistics, Global Operations, and Mission Support services, DGCI offers innovative solutions to persistent challenges. The company is headquartered in McLean, VA. Please visit for more information.