Safety and Training Capabilities

Forces operating against insurgent factions in Afghanistan rely on a steady, uninterrupted flow of fuel from DGC International facilities.  Because accidents and delays at our facilities could lead to loss of life or reduced operational tempos among coalition forces, it is imperative that we maintain the strictest safety standards.

DGC International regularly performs stringent readiness and safety audits of our overseas facilities.  A vital part of that effort involves continuous training of local staff.  DGCI management ensures that local staff members receive daily safety briefings, and regular training on each standard operating procedure.  Additionally, employees receive monthly refresher training to correct deficiencies, and ensure that standards are maintained.

The long-term goal of DGC International is to prepare local staff members to manage operations to the standards required by the Department of Defense or State Department without the assistance of outside parties.  Such a capacity would uplift and support the local population by providing a secure financial base and lay a foundation for life-long learning for the workers and their families.


About DGC International

DGC International is a premier provider of Global Defense Solutions to the U.S Government and its partners worldwide. Through Logistics, Global Operations, and Mission Support services, DGCI offers innovative solutions to persistent challenges. The company is headquartered in McLean, VA. Please visit for more information.