Exceptional Client Communications

DGCI knows that frequent and effective client communications are vital to successful business relationships. Therefore, when our first management team deployed to Kabul, DGCI immediately began organizing and implementing a tailored client communication plan. Akey component of this plan was establishing a direct line of communications with DLA Energy and all of the Forward Operating Bases to be serviced. This would help ensure that the FOB requirements could be met without delay. All relevant parties were provided with the contract particulars, and informed that managers would be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to address issues and requests.These open lines of communication have been instrumental in resolving significant problems at the Forward Operating Bases. For example, DGCI was once contacted by an FOB that urgently needed a fuel delivery to execute an operation. This “heads up” allowed us to begin working the issue while the FOB Fuel Manager forwarded the request through channels to DLA Energy. DGCI was thus able to start loading as soon as we received authorization from DLA. We estimate that we were able to deliver the fuel 8 hours faster than if our first notification had come from DLA. It’s also important to note that heads up warnings can be critical due to scheduling constraints. Transportation of fuel to Forward Operating Bases is subject to Afghanistan National Police rules that can allow trucks to travel only at set times of the day or night. To ensure that DGCI can make urgent deliveries in the shortest possible time frame, we need “heads up” warnings as soon as possible. DGCI also uses client communication lines to ensure that we can meet requirements such as specific delivery times dictated by FOB security personnel or truck size limitations. (40 foot trucks may not be permitted at some FOBs). Due to operational circumstances, these access requirements have changed with very little notice. However, because we communicated efficiently and effectively with the client, we were still able to deliver on time.


About DGC International

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