Case Studies

Supporting Sports Diplomacy

DGC International built sports complexes in Afghanistan, contributing to a key initiative in the country.

Sports Diplomacy has emerged as a key part of the State Department’s efforts to strengthen relations between the United States and other countries. Sports diplomacy uses the universal passion for sports to transcend linguistic and sociocultural differences to bring people together.

Supporting the State Department in their sports diplomacy mission, we designed and built four sports park complexes in Afghanistan in 2012. The complexes were in Kabul, Jalalabad, and Mazar-e-Sharif. Each complex features basketball and volleyball courts, a track, restrooms, a turf field for soccer and cricket, a playground, a coffee shop, and administrative offices. As part of the project, which was funded by the Department of State, US Embassy Public Affairs Section– Afghanistan, DGC International furnished all electrical, plumbing, site design, construction, maintenance, and logistics services. DGC International worked on all four sites simultaneously, which cut down on the project timeline significantly.

This project highlights our vast range of capabilities. We were able to procure the necessary tools and materials to build these facilities, and then execute on both the construction and design of the project. As sports diplomacy becomes more popular, DGC International has positioned itself to help the needs of government agencies and non-profit organizations that want to bring sports to different areas of the world.

These complexes provide a viable outlet for exercise, play, competition, and most of all, community with one another. These sports complexes are building stronger communities and promoting safe, developed areas where children can grow and thrive. DGC International is committed to assisting the US Embassy to promote sustainable projects for youth on a global scale.

The four complexes employed hundreds of locals, supporting infrastructure growth and sustained employment opportunity, as well as provided space for young people to be active. Sports fields and recreation facilities are key signs of Afghanistan’s progress towards transitioning to a much more peaceful, urbanized country.


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