Case Studies

Strengthening Global Infrastructure

Boosts to the United States Agency for International Development program solidifies early gains in global infrastructure.

DGC International entered as a booster to the ABADE program, bringing expertise to enhance the capacity of Afghanistan’s small to medium enterprises. Given the educational support, financial nets, and collaborative mentoring, those businesses can provide a pivot for the nation toward sustained economic security.

We won a Basic Ordering Agreement with the USAID/ISEC to provide services that targeted senior managers and key administrative personnel of small and medium enterprises in Afghanistan. DGC International crafted and provided compliances of assessment, training, assistance, coaching, training curricula development, and training on media design and production services. Near 300 public-private alliances formed, 29 of which were Public-Private Innovation Alliances and there was about 106 percent average increase in sales attained by PPA-SMEs. This program supported 520 SMEs through improved management practices and over 280 invested in improved technologies with ABADE’s assistance.

The larger ABADE effort created approximately 18,000 full-time jobs, provided alternative workplace models for over 60 women initiatives, and trained more than 270 women in high-demand skills in information and communication technology, business systems, and marketing and advertising. DGC International focused on the following areas: audit evaluation, diagnostic studies on the finances and administrative functions, business administration, financial management, preparation and implementation of projects, investments, and expansion plans. DGC International provided improvements to finance management capacity of twenty private sector SME’s by providing clear and applicable double entry accounting training. This included providing students with relevant information and training in book-keeping, accounting functions, accounting standards, making entries, preparing journals and ledgers, trial balancing, profit and loss, and balancing sheets.

The Assistance in Building Afghanistan by Developing Enterprises program is designed to improve the lives of people in Afghanistan by bringing more jobs and income to local communities. Since its launch in October 2012, total investments have neared $300 million in total investments generated, of which the private sector provided 86 percent of the funding for and 300 public-private alliances have formed. DGC International entered the ABADE efforts on February 8, 2014.

Under the program, Afghan partners define their growth plans and commit their own financial resources to implement; ABADE complements their investments by providing the capital, equipment, and technical assistance needed for the new business activity. The partnerships range from food manufacturing and agribusiness, clothing and fabric production, construction materials production, metal fabrication and steel mills, manufacturing of furniture, cookware and kitchenware, as well as pharmaceuticals, leather products, plastic recycling, digital printing, and repair and maintenance services.


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