Case Studies

Mobile Training Instruction

DGC International offers mobile, tailored training sessions geared at learning mission-specific skills.

Utilizing mobile training units for training solutions, rather than asking trainees to travel to major cities, allows DGC International to train quickly, safely, and cost-effectively. After training is complete, MTUs are converted into housing, offices, or other useful structures. Mobile training units offer a unique solution to training and educating individuals in locations where little traditional training infrastructure exists.

The Afghan Ministry of Education came to us in 2009 in search of an innovative training solution. The department wanted to train government personnel, yet lacked the infrastructure needed to hold the sessions. MTUs are easier to set up and require far less planning and logistics than building brick and mortar facilities. The MTU solution made it far easier for students to attend class, as many Afghan provinces have roads which are difficult to access, and other means of transportation are unavailable or costly. Once set up, these MTUs can be maintained with basic generators, construction equipment and HVACs.

This low-cost, rapid deployment plan was used to train and field more than 190 people. These individuals were then able to execute basic maintenance on warehouse facilities and equipment. They were also trained on security and SKU equipment as well. After their initial use, the MTUs could be converted into housing, offices, or other structures.

DGC International also offers training for law enforcement organizations across the world. Our highly skilled instructional designers, SMEs, and seasoned training professionals can train law enforcement agencies to field a professional, resilient, and mature force. While our instruction focuses largely on industry-standard techniques, we flex all training to meet local law and social mores, along with political and cultural environments. We also provide training to local forces who are taking lead roles in developing and executing approaches to counter terrorism and stabilize communities. Our counter-terrorism training is highly realistic and emphasizes the environments in which these missions take place.

We conduct fuel depot safety training for officials in Kabul. These hour-long sessions are held every month for staff and include everything from fire safety and first aid to fire extinguisher and respiratory protection training.


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