Case Studies

Enhancing Security and Stability in Afghanistan

Multi-layered solutions incorporating training services increase overall security.

We increase efficiency and offer educational and professional development internally as well as to our clients. This enhances the communities we live and work in and overall infrastructure development.

DGC International supports capacity building of global partners to the U.S. and employs hundreds of local national employees all over the world, offering them educational and professional development and certification programs. This gives a significant opportunity for investment, support, and contribution to future security and stability of developing nations. To make training content as accessible as possible, all content is presented with learning manuals fully translated into English and Dari. DGC International has increased the number of students educated in an inventory logistics and management course, with more than half graduating with distinction. By offering these development opportunities for third-country national employees, DGC International is able to bolster the capability of employees and increase stability and internal capacity through the creation of a highly employable workforce.

Our training services are offered to U.S. government agencies and their global partners to ensure mission readiness. DGC International incorporates training on leadership, ethics, and quality management into internal and external solutions worldwide. Training solutions for military missions are part of DGC International’s mission support capabilities. Training solutions are vast and customizable based on the mission. DGC International’s training solutions include live training services, on and off-site; virtual training services for military training and simulation solutions; and advisory and atmospheric services to teach clients how to better understand their operating environment. We also train clients on how to properly operate technology within our multi-layer solutions so they are set up for success.


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